Westboro Girls Youth Lacrosse. Glax education and play, youth through high school girls lacrosse.

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Bring it in

Gather the team to discuss practice plans for the day

5 minutes

Some warm up

Warm up stretch legs, arms, shoulders, neck & midsection

5 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Cradling

Basic instruction on the fundamentals

2 minutes

(Drill 1) Individual cradling practice

More experienced girls try with opposite hand

2 minutes

(Drill 2) Running the Square

Comfort cradling with both hands

3 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Ground Balls

Basic instruction on the fundamentals

2 minutes

(Drill 3) Individual ground balls

Focus on the basic movements required

  • Experienced girls try with opposite hand

3 minutes

(Drill 4) Ground Ball Tag

Ground balls under pressure

5 minutes

(Drill 5) Ground Ball Blob Passing

Ground balls & moving without the ball

5 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Passing & Catching

Basic instruction on the fundamentals

5 minutes

(Drill 6) Baseball Throw

  1. Have the girls throw to the coaches the first two practices so that everyone can focus on the throwing and not catching wild throws.

Basic motion of throwing an object

3 minutes

(Drill 7) Partner passing

  • (everyone should have a new partner each practice)

Passing & Catching

7 minutes

(Drill 8) Shooting shuttle

Catching, Passing & Shooting

7 minutes

Water break


2 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Positioning - Teach the hot-spots

Instruction on the locations of A-E behind the cage and along the 8m arc

8 minutes

(Drill 8) Running to hot-spots as they are called out

  1. The first week have them run without sticks so they can concentrate on where to run rather than trying not to drop the ball

Getting players familiar with hot spots

5 minutes

Water Break



Coaches Instruction - Review of positions

  1. offense & defense
    1. attack, middie & defender
  1. Teaching the basics of defensive positioning
    1. "not chasing your girl"
  1. Break up and have separate coaches teach each position and have girls rotate through?


Teaching who belongs where, off-sides, the job of each position, etc.

20 minutes

Bring it in/wrap up


90 minutes