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Baseball Throw


Giving the girls (many who may not play sports requiring a throwing motion) the experience of how the throwing motion works



Balls & Goal

Passing a lacrosse ball is similar to throwing a baseball. The same techniques are used to release the ball accurately.



  1. Have the girls facing the net about 5 yards away
    1. If the coach feels comfortable in their catching skills with a lax stick, have the girls throw to the coach.


  1. Have the player point at the goal where they are going to throw the ball


  1. Reach back with her throwing arm holding the ball above her head at an angle that the ball is behind them and slightly above their head


  1. The player's hips and shoulders should now be facing 90 degrees away from the target (in the "open position")


  1. Step toward the target with her opposite foot of the throwing hand (left foot for a right hand throw)


  1. Begin throwing the ball towards the goal while being sure to move (rotates) her hips and shoulders toward the goal while her arm is moving


  1. snaps through the pass with her wrist,


  1. follows through, completing the rotation of the hips and shoulders


  1. Have the girls practice this in a continuous motion