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Picking up ground balls while on the move and brining it to a control position


Cones & Balls


  1. Divide the girls into equal number of teams & have them line up one behind the other facing forward


  1. About 5-7 feet in front of each team, place two cones side by side separated by 3-5 yards.


  1. Place a ball on the ground in front of the girls in between the two cones


  1. When the whistle blows, the first girl should run to the ground ball, running through the ball when she picks it up.


  1. Have the girls bring the ball up to a cradle until they have control of the ball
    1. Coach that the fewer cradles required the faster they can control the ball


  1. With the ball under control,  run around two cones have the girls place the ball back on the ground for the next girl


  1. Once the ball is on the ground, the next girl in line runs to repeat this action
    1. Coach that the closer to the original spot that they place the ball, the less their next teammate has to run to get the ball, saving the team time.
    1. Also coach that the more they control the ball in the cradle and the better they can control the ball on the way down, the less their teammate will have to run to get the ball.


  1. Repeat until the first team wins