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Getting girls comfortable to move away from the player with the ball and finding an open space


Having the girls look for a quick pass after someone makes a cut


Passing on the move



1 Ball

4 Cones


Coaching Guidance

Help stress the importance of keeping your head up while you have the ball.  When a teammate makes a move or a cut, that is when they are most likely to be open and ready to receive a pass.


  1. Set up 4 cones in a square


  1. Divide the girls up into groups of 3 placing each girl at a cone (there should be one open cone)


  1. One player has the ball to start (marked by X)


  1. The player with the ball should run to a cone where there is already a girl


  1. The player at the cone to where the ball carrier is running needs to move to another cone


  1. The ball carrier should make a cut, or dodge or some move around the cone she is running to

(to simulate shaking off a defender)


  1. Then the player should look to make a pass - ideally adjacent to her position



  • Have both girls without the ball move - one girl should be moving to where the ball carrier was


  • One girl should be moving to the open space that already existed



Have 4 girls at the cones and see if they can all make moves to find a different cone than where they started

  • Teaching the concept of constant motion by all players